Sponsored projects

  • From 2007 to 2012 A Bridge of Roses supported the following projects:


  • Build and furnished the Atelier Appareilage “Ponte Rosa” in collaboration with Centre Sacre Cour in Ambatolampy. A vocational school that teaches to 24 students how to build artificial limbs that are donated to the people in need in the village.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_2877
  • Furnished a school in Rakondranaivo with 120 benches and desks.
  • BoR9
  • Furnished and rehabilitated a pre-school in Bokobay with benches, desks and boards.
  • Supported Centre Fitiavana from 2009 to 2012. A integrated school that serves children with mental disorders and retardation. Our financial support provided 120 meals a day and transportation.
  • DSC02207-1 IMG_2653 IMG_2706
  • Donated $4,000 to Graines de Bitumes. a social-after school program in support of the children of the capital after the coup in 2010.
  • P1020221
  • Support financially the Centre Enfant de la Rue Zoranny Tsaiky for more than three years. Building also their latrines system.
  • One of our donors donates hundreds of “puppets” (dolls)  to the children of our supported centers
  • IMG_2914IMG_2892

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