About me

Luciano Aimar


If anybody were asking what do I do and am I, my first response would be: “I am a dancer”.

I began studying ballet in my childhood. This is the only work I have ever done. It is my passion, my love, my life and also what I know and do best.

I danced on important stages in Europe and all around the world, then at the end of my career I started teaching. First I was teaching only ballet and modern dance. Later I took a master degree in dance therapy and I started teaching creative movement and dance therapy to a special population such as children with Down syndrome, blind children, and female cancer survivors. One day, when I was still living in Italy, I was asked to teach to a group of women in the prison of Florence. There I met a child who was born in prison and still living with his inmate mother. This encounter redirected my path in teaching. This little boy had lived his first three years of life behind bars, in a cell that he called home with windows that don’t look out to the horizon, and where the garden doesn’t have green. His lack of gross motor skills was disturbing and alarming. There I decided to learn more about children and the way they learn.

In United States, where I live now, this research brought me to specialize and work with the young. First I worked at Perkins School for Blind, Watertown Mass. Then for seven years I was programs manager at Creative Movement and Arts Center in Needham, Mass, where I was teaching and writing curriculums for children age three months to seven years old. There I also did a research about the impact of classical music and the voice of the mother on babies (The Beloved Voice). In 2005 I joint the Boston Ballet School where I am now Head Of Children’s Curriculum.

In 2007 I founded A Bridge of Roses a charity to support education projects in Madagascar, Africa. And in 2012 I started a new project called A Bridge to Peace.

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